4 07, 2017

The answer of the violin

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She wakes up after dreams of Broadway lights
to find a ridiculous glimmer on the nightstand.
Another nine-to-five routine awaits
in a basement full of desks
and lamps,
and she comforts herself
with the offerings of the light in the fridge.

Bag ready, umbrella broken.
She steps outside and walks toward the daily trade
of heartbeats for coins
that will […]

25 06, 2017

Cups of anxiety

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Outside the cafe, the bees do their waggle dance
as I get lost
trying to follow their directions.
Next to my table, vapor escapes another cup of anxiety
to play with the smoke of an old man’s cigarette.
They swirl and dance, as if emulating the bees,
as if trying to explain it to me.
But I […]