23 07, 2017

Dead gloves

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I threw my aging gloves in the garbage,
and found one of them floating dead
the next time I went for a walk along the river.
It will never touch a hand again.
Was it trying to do its job of keeping things warm,
while failing the freezing water and
dying a solitary agony?
Was it looking […]

7 06, 2017

Dance with heroes

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is taking care of my life
and I guess you can relate.
When you told me
you were transparent,
I didn’t take it as literally
as the dirt under your fingernails
was showing me.

I long to dance with my heroes,
and I never keep up with their rhythm.
But I just dance, while people
coming out of boxes
like zombies
the […]

19 05, 2017

Chicken bones

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You know what’s really sweet?
That you tip my self-esteem,
with shabby words like dirty coins
that go around from hand to hand
and make some noise but buy no joys.
A cheap woo-woo to please,
the ones that taste like cheese.
The pseudo-encouragement,
an attempt to make a compliment.
The one that we all are,
so it means nothing […]

3 05, 2017


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I traced a line to separate
the indivisible in two.
I focused on that edge
(dividing what, I had no clue).

I stayed until both sides
became this blurry view,
where I could no longer see
the closeness of the two.

They shared a giant tree
and the footprints of my shoes
but it didn’t really matter,
that’s what lines are […]

12 04, 2017

Faceless needs

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I forced your face on my needs,
and it became one
before I could see it was made of plastic.
turned into deep
useless reflection,
assisted by fruit flies and lever-pressing rats.
I made an effort
not to spit on the mirror while brushing my teeth,
but tiny white drops dried
and accumulated faster
than I was willing to clean […]

21 03, 2017

The tree

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If every leaf of that tree had a name
I’d have to learn them all.
The branches touching them
didn’t know what they were called.
It was stupid that I felt that way
but it was beyond control,
I’ve spent many hours of my days
under its treetop, in the cold.
During summer days
its shadow my name called
and […]

21 03, 2017


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I’m not sure about calling it home. It was the place where I watered plants that were only growing roots, except for the poisonous one. A place of unfulfilled projects, of ideas too lazy to become anything else.
The only people I wanted to see talked to me in written words, printed […]

21 03, 2017

Before nine o’clock

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“I’ll have the salad,”
I said.
“That wouldn’t help,”
he said,
“colorful vegetables
wouldn’t leave a stain
in such a colorless self.”
“I guess I’ll have some tea, then.”
“That wouldn’t help either,
a cold heart can’t be warmed up
by a cup of tea
or liquor or beer.”
“Well, sell me a whole jar.”
“We don’t sell those in here,
just one cup […]

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