13 04, 2017

Hand in hand

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I wished I could walk around the rainbow
and get a glimpse from an angle.
I despised the frontal view,
I didn’t want to face the blue.

So I walked and walked,
always hoping for some change
and when I looked at the colors
it was always the same range.

The next thing I remember is
parts of the […]

7 04, 2017


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I was playing Where’s Wally?, but
I didn’t like red,
I was searching for blue instead.
Don’t you get better
if you play everyday?
I was committed to practice and
sometimes I could find him.
“Look! Here! Wally behind that whaler!”
“That’s not Wally, you idiot,
that’s a sailor.
Why don’t you just let go?
What do you need blue for?”
“It’s […]

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