My mind zoomed in but it all became pixelated and even harder to understand. "You need more resolution, not a closer look," he said. "Whoa, what the fuck! You know what I'm thinking?" "You're not thinking, you're zooming in an out like an idiot."

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Every time I put my hand into a bag of possibilities I get the yellow gummy bear. It makes me hate randomness. Then I look inside and take them out one by one, and eat them first so I can finally enjoy the rest. I know life is a little more intricate than a bag of candy. Still, [...]

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How to change the past

When a memory claims your attention, you exchange a few words and ideas. Sometimes after that, it'll go back to sleep but in a different position. Other times though, it'll visit you again and again, indifferent towards your annoyance and will make its case until you listen. Memories. Not trusty recordings of what happened, but [...]

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I'm not sure about calling it home. It was the place where I watered plants that were only growing roots, except for the poisonous one. A place of unfulfilled projects, of ideas too lazy to become anything else. The only people I wanted to see talked to me in written words, printed on yellow paper. The [...]

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Homesick thoughts

I woke up in the middle of the night and stayed in bed with my eyes closed for a while, trying to get back to sleep. It was about five in the morning when I gave up and jumped out of bed. The summer had been officially over for two weeks. I don't particularly enjoy [...]

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