18 05, 2017

The trap

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I saw a life inflamed by its own pointing finger.
A finger leader of inaction and of a compliant mouth
that repeated commanded words
which found their place inside a cage of unquestioned synapses.
The words forgot their purpose.
They crossed curiosity off their list of curiosities.

I saw a finger falling into the trap and […]

15 05, 2017

Of course not

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You shaped with words what your efforts
never intended to touch.
“Here,” you said, “I hope this helps,”
and handed me a useless confusion
of intangible nonsense,
like a stupid “you’re enough” jpg
in some beautiful typography.
I always let words secretly rob me of hope and time
when my reserves are already depleted.
But who’s to blame? You’re […]

12 04, 2017

Faceless needs

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I forced your face on my needs,
and it became one
before I could see it was made of plastic.
turned into deep
useless reflection,
assisted by fruit flies and lever-pressing rats.
I made an effort
not to spit on the mirror while brushing my teeth,
but tiny white drops dried
and accumulated faster
than I was willing to clean […]

21 03, 2017

Rain dance

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Too bad rain can’t wash away
tears you’ve never cried.
Little drops
dripping from your hair
and running down your face,
that was the closest you’ve ever been
to crying.
The moment it occurred to you
that tears could help your eyes
get rid of that image,
it had been traveling for years
through untraceable paths
of your being.
Rain can’t rehydrate words
that […]

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