23 07, 2017

Dead gloves

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I threw my aging gloves in the garbage,
and found one of them floating dead
the next time I went for a walk along the river.
It will never touch a hand again.
Was it trying to do its job of keeping things warm,
while failing the freezing water and
dying a solitary agony?
Was it looking […]

16 07, 2017


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Symmetry asked me
which side I liked better.
I regretted my choice
and the deliberate waste of time,
debited from my life.
I wrinkle in the search for the definite,
the ultimate and the final.
Every victory opens the door
to a new kind of suffering
and it never ends.
I know I’ll keep trying
to remove vapor from hot tea.
So […]

4 07, 2017

The answer of the violin

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She wakes up after dreams of Broadway lights
to find a ridiculous glimmer on the nightstand.
Another nine-to-five routine awaits
in a basement full of desks
and lamps,
and she comforts herself
with the offerings of the light in the fridge.

Bag ready, umbrella broken.
She steps outside and walks toward the daily trade
of heartbeats for coins
that will […]

25 06, 2017

Cups of anxiety

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Outside the cafe, the bees do their waggle dance
as I get lost
trying to follow their directions.
Next to my table, vapor escapes another cup of anxiety
to play with the smoke of an old man’s cigarette.
They swirl and dance, as if emulating the bees,
as if trying to explain it to me.
But I […]

13 06, 2017

Refined-sugar hourglass

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Sugar slips down this hourglass
protected inside shimmering bulbs,
counting down my possibilities
as I run out of sweetness.

Mellow crystals of the past:
My coffee is bitter and dark.
But I swear I’ll wait grain by grain
for your last time travelers
to get in line,
and smash your cowardice
against this wall.

And when we are face to face,
and […]

11 06, 2017


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Duties were tormenting me
like Tetris pieces raining
at an impossible speed.
I made chamomile tea,
and waited
for the “GAME OVER” sign.

A man with no face
went to the edge of chaos
once I fell asleep.
He demanded a blanket
from the winter, a song
from Mercury, and a smile
from me.
And arranged them beautifully
without gaps
like Tetriminos making a line,
and […]

4 06, 2017


2017-07-28T00:55:24+00:00 Categories: Poetry|Tags: , |

An entire structure collapsed
at the vibration
of his lips asking why
three times in a row.

Not much remained
of what had been
the most beautiful place
that I didn’t want to inhabit.

The expectations of a mother
covered by debris,
the pressure of peers
now pushing against blinding light.

“Oops,” he said.
“Never mind, I’ll build a new one.
Come over for tea
when it’s finished.” And I […]

31 05, 2017


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I remember how you smiled
at improvised words
I carried secretly in my pockets,
until the day they slipped away.
The holey pockets of my old jeans
could only hold hands,
like we used to
before dullness ate us alive.
Before we gazed
into each other’s eyes hoping
they weren’t shining,
so we couldn’t catch the reflection
of our own pathetic existence.
I […]

29 05, 2017

The wink

2017-07-09T00:37:57+00:00 Categories: Poetry|Tags: , |

Freedom rejected your advances with the subtlety of a lady,
fooling you into thinking
that all you had to do to get her company
was to avoid being a follower.
And as your confidence grew,
she increased the distance by turning you into a leader.
You forgot how roads get rid of some idiots
by stepping down from the […]

18 05, 2017

The trap

2017-07-09T00:40:59+00:00 Categories: Poetry|Tags: , |

I saw a life inflamed by its own pointing finger.
A finger leader of inaction and of a compliant mouth
that repeated commanded words
which found their place inside a cage of unquestioned synapses.
The words forgot their purpose.
They crossed curiosity off their list of curiosities.

I saw a finger falling into the trap and […]

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