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Like me, I’m an asshole

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Don’t you like it? Click that button!
If you liked it, of course.
But if you didn’t, could you share it
for someone else to endorse?

I liked your picture the other day.
What takes you so long to discern?
You should respond to generosity
if you expect it in return.

Even if I bore you to death,
with my silly, uninteresting stuff,
I think you really owe me,
I took the time to check your crap!

Not that I expected something […]

Forever young

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The ice melted,
the sugar dissolved.
Both faded
and got lost
in the red liquid of my glass,
in the red liquid of my core.
Who cares about
the conservation of mass,
when time decides
to do the same to my ass?

Maybe I got this wrong,
but I tried the Buddhists’ advice
of staying always in the present
so I could be forever young.
But the more effort I put
and the closer I looked,
the more I realized
how fast the present vanished,
how impossible to […]

Hand in hand

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I wished I could walk around the rainbow
and get a glimpse from an angle.
I despised the frontal view,
I didn’t want to face the blue.

So I walked and walked,
always hoping for some change
and when I looked at the colors
it was always the same range.

The next thing I remember is
parts of the sky that were blue
being covered by my wishes
and the sun not shining through.

It all turned gray
and the rainbow disappeared,
I’ve never […]

Faceless needs

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I forced your face on my needs,
and it became one
before I could see it was made of plastic.
turned into deep
useless reflection,
assisted by fruit flies and lever-pressing rats.
I made an effort
not to spit on the mirror while brushing my teeth,
but tiny white drops dried
and accumulated faster
than I was willing to clean them.
They showed me the mess
expanding beyond myself.
Accusing spots
pointing at different parts of my brain,
parts unwilling to negotiate with one another.
I […]