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The trap

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I saw a life inflamed by its own pointing finger.
A finger leader of inaction and of a compliant mouth
that repeated commanded words
which found their place inside a cage of unquestioned synapses.
The words forgot their purpose.
They crossed curiosity off their list of curiosities.

I saw a finger falling into the trap and a life wasted.
The trap of a mouth,
that whispered to the finger without moving its lips,
that the alternative was to remain […]


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Every time I put my hand into a bag of possibilities I get the yellow gummy bear. It makes me hate randomness.
Then I look inside and take them out one by one, and eat them first so I can finally enjoy the rest.
I know life is a little more intricate than a bag of candy. Still, there’s a place in my brain where the things I don’t want to happen exist as a […]

Of course not

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You shaped with words what your efforts
never intended to touch.
“Here,” you said, “I hope this helps,”
and handed me a useless confusion
of intangible nonsense,
like a stupid “you’re enough” jpg
in some beautiful typography.
I always let words secretly rob me of hope and time
when my reserves are already depleted.
But who’s to blame? You’re as helpless as I am,
and I desperately bought the cheap way out
with equal amounts of hope and disbelief.
Of course we’re […]


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I traced a line to separate
the indivisible in two.
I focused on that edge
(dividing what, I had no clue).

I stayed until both sides
became this blurry view,
where I could no longer see
the closeness of the two.

They shared a giant tree
and the footprints of my shoes
but it didn’t really matter,
that’s what lines are there to do.

What I cared about the most
was the ease of getting rid
of the unknown and the disliked
by defining boundaries.

In […]