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I remember how you smiled
at improvised words
I carried secretly in my pockets,
until the day they slipped away.
The holey pockets of my old jeans
could only hold hands,
like we used to
before dullness ate us alive.
Before we gazed
into each other’s eyes hoping
they weren’t shining,
so we couldn’t catch the reflection
of our own pathetic existence.
I remember how you smiled
and I smile,
until my smile slips away, too.
Because holes took my words away,
and new ones keep opening […]

The wink

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Freedom rejected your advances with the subtlety of a lady,
fooling you into thinking
that all you had to do to get her company
was to avoid being a follower.
And as your confidence grew,
she increased the distance by turning you into a leader.
You forgot how roads get rid of some idiots
by stepping down from the sidewalks.
How coffee spills all over the place
so it doesn’t have to energize you.
You forgot half the story. Freedom winked at […]


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My mind zoomed in but it all became pixelated and even harder to understand.

“You need more resolution, not a closer look,” he said.

“Whoa, what the fuck! You know what I’m thinking?”

“You’re not thinking, you’re zooming in an out like an idiot.”

Chicken bones

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You know what’s really sweet?
That you tip my self-esteem,
with shabby words like dirty coins
that go around from hand to hand
and make some noise but buy no joys.
A cheap woo-woo to please,
the ones that taste like cheese.
The pseudo-encouragement,
an attempt to make a compliment.
The one that we all are,
so it means nothing at all!

I don’t mean to be disrespectful
but tell me something that is helpful,
like a bunch of truthful words,
even if they […]