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Refined-sugar hourglass

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Sugar slips down this hourglass
protected inside shimmering bulbs,
counting down my possibilities
as I run out of sweetness.

Mellow crystals of the past:
My coffee is bitter and dark.
But I swear I’ll wait grain by grain
for your last time travelers
to get in line,
and smash your cowardice
against this wall.

And when we are face to face,
and your refinement motionless
on the floor,
you’ll tell me,
you’ll tell me how much is left for us.


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Duties were tormenting me
like Tetris pieces raining
at an impossible speed.
I made chamomile tea,
and waited
for the “GAME OVER” sign.

A man with no face
went to the edge of chaos
once I fell asleep.
He demanded a blanket
from the winter, a song
from Mercury, and a smile
from me.
And arranged them beautifully
without gaps
like Tetriminos making a line,
and disappearing
as I woke up.

Dance with heroes

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is taking care of my life
and I guess you can relate.
When you told me
you were transparent,
I didn’t take it as literally
as the dirt under your fingernails
was showing me.

I long to dance with my heroes,
and I never keep up with their rhythm.
But I just dance, while people
coming out of boxes
like zombies
the world needs their instruction.

That’s what terror looks like to me,
to get distracted for a moment
and listen.
Who knows where it goes
once […]


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An entire structure collapsed
at the vibration
of his lips asking why
three times in a row.

Not much remained
of what had been
the most beautiful place
that I didn’t want to inhabit.

The expectations of a mother
covered by debris,
the pressure of peers
now pushing against blinding light.

“Oops,” he said.
“Never mind, I’ll build a new one.
Come over for tea
when it’s finished.” And I left.

“Excuse me,” I said. “You’re sitting
on my mother’s dreams.”
The kettle was trying to say something, too
bubbling away a silly attempt.

He said […]