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26 05, 2017


2017-07-09T01:15:28+00:00 Categories: Poetry|Tags: , |

My mind zoomed in but it all became pixelated and even harder to understand.

“You need more resolution, not a closer look,” he said.

“Whoa, what the fuck! You know what I’m thinking?”

“You’re not thinking, you’re zooming in an out like an idiot.”

19 05, 2017

Chicken bones

2017-07-09T00:39:53+00:00 Categories: Poetry|Tags: , |

You know what’s really sweet?
That you tip my self-esteem,
with shabby words like dirty coins
that go around from hand to hand
and make some noise but buy no joys.
A cheap woo-woo to please,
the ones that taste like cheese.
The pseudo-encouragement,
an attempt to make a compliment.
The one that we all are,
so it means nothing […]

18 05, 2017

The trap

2017-07-09T00:40:59+00:00 Categories: Poetry|Tags: , |

I saw a life inflamed by its own pointing finger.
A finger leader of inaction and of a compliant mouth
that repeated commanded words
which found their place inside a cage of unquestioned synapses.
The words forgot their purpose.
They crossed curiosity off their list of curiosities.

I saw a finger falling into the trap and […]

15 05, 2017

Of course not

2017-07-09T00:52:52+00:00 Categories: Poetry|Tags: , |

You shaped with words what your efforts
never intended to touch.
“Here,” you said, “I hope this helps,”
and handed me a useless confusion
of intangible nonsense,
like a stupid “you’re enough” jpg
in some beautiful typography.
I always let words secretly rob me of hope and time
when my reserves are already depleted.
But who’s to blame? You’re […]

3 05, 2017


2017-07-09T00:54:07+00:00 Categories: Poetry|Tags: , |

I traced a line to separate
the indivisible in two.
I focused on that edge
(dividing what, I had no clue).

I stayed until both sides
became this blurry view,
where I could no longer see
the closeness of the two.

They shared a giant tree
and the footprints of my shoes
but it didn’t really matter,
that’s what lines are […]

23 04, 2017

Forever young

2017-07-09T00:55:29+00:00 Categories: Poetry|Tags: , |

The ice melted,
the sugar dissolved.
Both faded
and got lost
in the red liquid of my glass,
in the red liquid of my core.
Who cares about
the conservation of mass,
when time decides
to do the same to my ass?

Maybe I got this wrong,
but I tried the Buddhists’ advice
of staying always in the present
so I could be […]

13 04, 2017

Hand in hand

2017-07-09T00:59:10+00:00 Categories: Poetry|Tags: , |

I wished I could walk around the rainbow
and get a glimpse from an angle.
I despised the frontal view,
I didn’t want to face the blue.

So I walked and walked,
always hoping for some change
and when I looked at the colors
it was always the same range.

The next thing I remember is
parts of the […]

12 04, 2017

Faceless needs

2017-07-09T00:59:58+00:00 Categories: Poetry|Tags: , |

I forced your face on my needs,
and it became one
before I could see it was made of plastic.
turned into deep
useless reflection,
assisted by fruit flies and lever-pressing rats.
I made an effort
not to spit on the mirror while brushing my teeth,
but tiny white drops dried
and accumulated faster
than I was willing to clean […]

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