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I traced a line to separatethe indivisible in two.I focused on that edgedividing what, I had no clue.I stayed until both sidesbecame this blurry view,where I could no longer seethe closeness of the two.They shared a giant treeand the footprints of my shoesbut it didn’t really matter,that’s what lines are there to do.What I cared [...]


Homesick Thoughts

I woke up in the middle of the night and stayed in bed with my eyes closed for a while, trying to get back to sleep. It was about five in the morning when I gave up and jumped out of bed.The summer had been officially over for two weeks. I don’t particularly enjoy or [...]

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Forever Young

The ice melted,the sugar dissolved.Both fadedand got lostin the light liquid of my glass,in the red liquid of my core.Who cares aboutthe conservation of mass,when time decidesto do the same to my ass?Maybe I got this wrong,but I tried the Buddhists’ adviceof staying always in the presentso I could be forever young.But the more effort [...]

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I was playing Where’s Wally?, butI didn’t like red,I was searching for blue instead.Don’t you get betterif you play everyday?I was committed to practice andsometimes I could find him.“Look! Here! Wally behind that whaler!”“That’s not Wally, you idiot,that’s a sailor.Why don’t you just let go?What do you need blue for?”“It’s fucking Wally,he just took off [...]


Hand in Hand

I wished I could walk around the rainbowand get a glimpse from an angle.I despised the frontal view,I didn’t want to face the blue.So I walked and walked,always hoping for some changeand when I looked at the colorsit was always the same range.The next thing I remember isparts of the sky that were bluebeing covered [...]

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