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Duties were tormenting me like Tetris pieces rainingat an impossible speed.I made chamomile tea, and waitedfor the “GAME OVER” sign.A man with no facewent to the edge of chaosonce I fell asleep.He conquereda blanket from the winter, a songfrom Mercury, and a smilefrom me. And arranged them beautifullywithout gaps,like Tetriminos making a line,and disappearingas I [...]



Symmetry asked mewhich side I liked better.I regretted my choiceand the deliberate waste of timedebited from my life.I wrinkle in the search for the definite,the ultimate, the final. Every victory opens the doorto a new kind of sufferingand it never ends.I know I’ll keep tryingto remove vapor from hot tea.


Cups of Anxiety

Outside the cafe, bees do their waggle dance as I get lost trying to follow their directions.Next to my table, vapor escapes another cup of anxiety to play with the smoke of an old man’s cigarette. They swirl and dance, as if emulating the bees, as if trying to explain it to me. I still [...]

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Refined-Sugar Hourglass

Sugar slips down this hourglassprotected inside shimmering bulbs,counting down my possibilitiesas I run out of sweetness.Mellow crystals of the past:My coffee is bitter and dark.But I swear I’ll wait grain by grainfor your last time travelersto get in line,and smash your cowardiceagainst this wall.And when we are face to face,and your refinement motionlesson the floor,you’ll [...]

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Dead Gloves

I.I threw my aging gloves in the garbage and found one of them floating dead the next time I went for a walk along the river.It will never touch a hand again.Was it trying to do its job of keeping things warm, while failing the freezing water and dying a solitary agony?Was it looking for [...]

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Dance with heroes

Entropy is taking care of my life and I guess you can relate.When you told me you were transparent, I didn’t take it as literally as the dirt under your fingernails was showing me.I long to dance with my heroes and never keep up with their rhythm.I just dance, while people coming out of boxes, [...]

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How to change the past

When a memory claims your attention you exchange a few words and ideas.Sometimes after that, it’ll go back to sleep but in a different position. Other times though, it’ll visit you again and again, indifferent towards your annoyance and will make its case until you listen.Memories.Not trusty recordings of what happened, clumsy representations persuaded by [...]

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Chicken Bones

You know what’s really sweet?That you tip my self-esteem,with shabby words like dirty coinsthat go around from hand to handand make some noise but buy no joys.A cheap woo-woo to please,the ones that taste like cheese.The pseudo-encouragement,an attempt to make a compliment.The one that we all are,so it means nothing at all!I don’t mean to [...]

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Every time I put my hand into a bag of possibilities I get the ugly-flavored candy.I then look inside, take them out one by one and eat them first, so I can finally enjoy the rest.Life seems more intricate than a bag of candy. Still, there’s a place in my brain where the things I [...]



I’m not sure about calling it home. It was the place where I watered plants that were only growing roots, except for the poisonous one. A place of unfulfilled projects, of ideas too lazy to become anything else.The only people I wanted to see talked to me in written word, printed on yellow paper.The place [...]