Dead gloves

I. I threw my aging gloves in the garbage, and found one of them floating dead the next time I went for a walk along the river. It will never touch a hand again. Was it trying to do its job of keeping things warm, while failing the freezing water and dying a solitary agony? [...]

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Symmetry asked me which side I liked better. I regretted my choice and the deliberate waste of time, debited from my life. I wrinkle in the search for the definite, the ultimate and the final. Every victory opens the door to a new kind of suffering and it never ends. I know I'll keep trying [...]

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The answer of the violin

She wakes up after dreams of Broadway lights to find a ridiculous glimmer on the nightstand. Another nine-to-five routine awaits in a basement full of desks and lamps, and she comforts herself with the offerings of the light in the fridge. Bag ready, umbrella broken. She steps outside and walks toward the daily trade of [...]

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