I remember how you smiled at improvised words I carried secretly in my pockets, until the day they slipped away. The holey pockets of my old jeans could only hold hands, like we used to before dullness ate us alive. Before we gazed into each other's eyes hoping they weren't shining, so we couldn't catch [...]

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The wink

Freedom rejected your advances with the subtlety of a lady, fooling you into thinking that all you had to do to get her company was to avoid being a follower. And as your confidence grew, she increased the distance by turning you into a leader. You forgot how roads get rid of some idiots by stepping down [...]

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My mind zoomed in but it all became pixelated and even harder to understand. "You need more resolution, not a closer look," he said. "Whoa, what the fuck! You know what I'm thinking?" "You're not thinking, you're zooming in an out like an idiot."

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Chicken bones

You know what's really sweet? That you tip my self-esteem, with shabby words like dirty coins that go around from hand to hand and make some noise but buy no joys. A cheap woo-woo to please, the ones that taste like cheese. The pseudo-encouragement, an attempt to make a compliment. The one that we all [...]

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The trap

I saw a life inflamed by its own pointing finger. A finger leader of inaction and of a compliant mouth that repeated commanded words which found their place inside a cage of unquestioned synapses. The words forgot their purpose. They crossed curiosity off their list of curiosities. I saw a finger falling into the trap [...]

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Every time I put my hand into a bag of possibilities I get the yellow gummy bear. It makes me hate randomness. Then I look inside and take them out one by one, and eat them first so I can finally enjoy the rest. I know life is a little more intricate than a bag of candy. Still, [...]

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Of course not

You shaped with words what your efforts never intended to touch. "Here," you said, "I hope this helps," and handed me a useless confusion of intangible nonsense, like a stupid "you're enough" jpg in some beautiful typography. I always let words secretly rob me of hope and time when my reserves are already depleted. But [...]

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I traced a line to separate the indivisible in two. I focused on that edge (dividing what, I had no clue). I stayed until both sides became this blurry view, where I could no longer see the closeness of the two. They shared a giant tree and the footprints of my shoes but it didn't [...]

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