Forever young

The ice melted, the sugar dissolved. Both faded and got lost in the red liquid of my glass, in the red liquid of my core. Who cares about the conservation of mass, when time decides to do the same to my ass? Maybe I got this wrong, but I tried the Buddhists' advice of staying [...]

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Hand in hand

I wished I could walk around the rainbow and get a glimpse from an angle. I despised the frontal view, I didn't want to face the blue. So I walked and walked, always hoping for some change and when I looked at the colors it was always the same range. The next thing I remember [...]

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Faceless needs

I forced your face on my needs, and it became one before I could see it was made of plastic. Rumination turned into deep useless reflection, assisted by fruit flies and lever-pressing rats. I made an effort not to spit on the mirror while brushing my teeth, but tiny white drops dried and accumulated faster [...]

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I was playing Where's Wally?, but I didn't like red, I was searching for blue instead. Don't you get better if you play everyday? I was committed to practice and sometimes I could find him. "Look! Here! Wally behind that whaler!" "That's not Wally, you idiot, that's a sailor. Why don't you just let go? [...]

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